Welcome. ๐Ÿ’–I'm Mariah and I'm fascinated with the connection between food, health, and happiness. I'm a Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher and I love working with people to improve their health and find a place where feeling good is the default.

The relationship between our mind and body is so powerful. When the relationship is good, we feel amazing inside and out, and are poised to accomplish everything we've dreamed of. When it's bad, we end up feeling exhausted, unmotivated and generally 'off.'

Eating well and taking care of ourselves can feel overwhelming and difficult at first, but I believe with a little education and practice, anyone can improve their diet and health, and in turn gain confidence, patience, balance and true happiness! 

After becoming a vegetarian over a decade ago, I became deeply interested in what to eat and why. In that time I've had periods where my mind-body connection was off- I was either depriving myself and not eating enough or completely carefree, eating everything I wanted and ignoring the consequences on my mental and physical health. Through personal experience and outside education I've learned so much about health and happiness and I hope to share everything I've learned with my clients and readers. 

On this site you'll find my blog where I share simple ways to eat better, reduce stress, get active, and overall live a more mindful and authentic life. I'll also share important ways food and mindfulness can positively impact big social issues like poverty, mental health, gender inequality, body image, obesity, disease prevention, climate change, animal rights, and more.

Self-love and self-care go such a long way. If you want to be happier, less stressed, and healthier inside and out, join me on a transformative journey and watch the world around you transform too. 





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