waking up>>

Do you ever have those mornings where it feels impossible to go to bed? You hit snooze and ten minutes goes by in ten seconds before your alarm hits you again. Time speeds up, yanking you out of bed while you're still struggling to open your eyes. Sometimes, when I have nothing I really need to do, I keep pressing snooze, keep sleeping, telling myself sleep is good for you-- even though I'm already going on 10 hours of zzz's. I don't know if you can really sleep too much. Maybe it depends why you're sleeping so much. But I do know that every time I decide to just get out of bed, I don't regret it. 

My bed is comfy as hell, so of course it's easy to just stay there. But a lot of times, the longer I sleep, the more lethargic I feel and by the time I get up I realized I've wasted hours over sleeping and then I feel shitty about that too. 

So today, I set my alarm. The first time it went off I hit snooze. Second time, I hit snooze again. But a second later I heard a loud thud. My half-asleep self jolted wondering what the hell it was. Robber? Visitor? Earthquake? Turns out my phone has fallen on the floor. I guess it was probably coincidence, but I took as a reminder to get the f up. 

So I got up. I drank water. I felt tense and weighed down but I got on my yoga mat. Did my cat cows, child's pose, neck stretches, down dog, toe touches. Everything was stiff but I did it and I felt better. I moved with love and I replaced my negative vibes with good ones.

This 'Latté Now Yoga Later' is kinda cheeky, ;) Some days I yoga first, some days I coffee first. Either way, there is always a reason to get out of bed. There is always something you can do to feel better. Stretches, coffee, music, shower, impromptu dance party.  Something is always better than nothing.