seeing so much about climate change, but very little about food & meat and how damaging it is to our planet. i read a NYT article that suggested the best way to help the planet was to take fewer airplane trips- i.e. flying 2-3 fewer times per year. this might be helpful but how many people really take so many airplane trips that reducing the # by 2-3 is even an option?? and why suggest this when there are tons of things you can do literally every day with minimal effort or sacrifice. case in point, eat less meat & dairy.

we eat 5x more meat in the us than we did 50 years ago. it accounts for more greenhouse gases than all transportation combined (yes, including airplanes). it especially produces methane which is way worse for the planet than CO2. livestock takes up a tons of space, water, and energy. and while we’re talking about health of the planet- people and animals are a part of this planet, and this system is not healthy for us either.

if you think someone telling you what to eat is imposing on you, consider how many ads you’ve seen for cheeseburgers vs how many ads you’ve seen for carrots and think about whose views are really being imposed on you.

eating less meat does not mean never eating bacon again. eat vegetarian one day/week, eat one meal without meat a day, eat 15 wings instead of 20. if you say you care about the environment, but you don’t make mindful observations and decisions about what you eat then you are all talk!!

and if you’re one of the ppl that just doesn’t give a f#!* at all, you do you, but it actually feels pretty f#^$^n good to give a f#!k sometimes