December is so busy isn’t it? Stress is a normal part of life for every single person, but it can be a little grinch, stealing joy until stress is more than just a part of your life. The first step to know is that stress is natural, but you are in charge of your life and you don’t have to be stressed af all the time!! Here are some really simple things to do to help relieve stress for me. I hope they work for you too!

  • Don’t forget to take care of yourself. When we have a lot going on, self-care is usually the first thing to go. It’s okay to let things slide sometimes. Just check in with yourself  before adderall becomes the new sleeping ;) Some simple ways to stay well in the midst of a crazy schedule are getting 6 hours of sleep (at least!!!), eating a healthy breakfast, drinking lots of water & herbal tea, not drinking lots of alcohol, working out just 15-20 minutes,  taking 5 minute meditation breaks, and fueling your day with healthy snacks like carrots, almonds, bananas, apples, hummus, and dark chocolate (it makes you happy!) Little things go a long way.
  • Create an environment for stress relief.  Candles, flowers, music, tea,  incense help take me out of my mind & into the sensory experience of the space. Scents & sounds can have a calming effect without us even paying specific attention to them, so they are perfect for reducing stress when you are working or studying. This helps us see that even when we are dealing with external stress, we are able to influence & bring calm into our environment.
  • In moments of overwhelm, never forget that within you there is always a space where everything is okay. An inner paradise where we experience total security, well-being, and love. I imagine a glowing, golden, mini-sun in the center of my body.  I close my eyes and focus on this place of inner peace. I imagine the light & warmth spreading through my whole body until the light begins radiating out of me. I love this because even if it sounds a little out there, it’s something that literally anyone can do and it’s really a beautiful idea to me that inner peace is always available we just have to focus on it and give it permission to rise above all the stress stuff!