Did you know the skin absorbs over 60% of what we put on it? Between pollutants, make-up, lotions, and chemical laden skin care products, we end up absorbing a lot of toxins via our skin. These toxins make their way into our bloodstream and travel through out the body, causing damage all over- including bad skin! 

To avoid this damage, I go natural most of the time and always look for products that are free of harmful chemicals like parabens. But, there's another cool trick I like to use- activated charcoal. This probably sounds super weird and it is, but activated charcoal is a powerful tool to eliminate toxins both on the skin and in the body. 

WHAT IS IT? Activated charcoal is charcoal (which is made from heating natural materials like wood without the presence of oxygen) that has been heated in a way that makes it more porous & adsorbent (Adsorption is when a material magnetically attracts other substances. Charcoal acts like a magnet to adsorb toxins so they can be found and removed from the body. Cool, huh?!)  It is used in hospitals to remove poisons & venoms because of its amazing ability to bind to and eliminate toxic materials. 

HOW DO I USE IT? You can drink activated charcoal by adding it to water to cleanse the body of toxins & reduce bloat. It has little to no taste, but I add lemon to make it more palatable.  To use it topically (on the skin) you can mix it with water to create a scrub or mix with bentonite clay to create a mask. There are also lots of products made with activated charcoal like Dark Angels from LUSH. You can also brush your teeth with charcoal- they whiten your grill by binding to tannins, the part of tea, coffee, and wine that cause stains! 

WHERE DO I GET IT? You can buy activated charcoal in bulk online from Amazon & other bulk retailers or at specialty/health food stores. 1 pound (which is a lot of charcoal!) will run you around $18.

GOOD TO KNOW Charcoal is super dark!! Be careful about spilling the powder or  getting it on white clothes or leaving it in a white sink or dish too long as it may stain.