Epic sandwich made at my Cooking Matters class today. Cooking Matters is a program that offers nutrition and cooking classes to immigrants, children and others who don't have much access to this kind of information. 


Food and health is yet another area where minorities, immigrants and people without a lot of money are disproportionately negatively affected. This includes less access to healthy food, higher fast food consumption and higher rates of diseases like obesity and diabetes.

Conglomerates line Coke and McDonald's as well as big agriculture companies (Monsanto, dairy industry) are subsidized and enabled by the US government despite countless studies and lawsuits indicating how harmful these products are. One of the worst examples is the unregulated advertising to children which gets kids hooked on junk foods before they even have a choice.

The ladies in my Cooking Matters class are all immigrants with several children and they learn so much in our 6 week program. They are creative, open-minded, hard-working, and proof that anyone and everyone can live a healthier life.

You don't have to be a part of this fucked up system and you can change it with your awareness and your business. Buy local, but less meat, dairy, processed and fast food. Eating well will change your life. Imagine what we could solve if we all made this change.