There is SO much wrong in the meat + dairy industry. Deeply capitalistic and violent in nature, food production is linked to almost every other social issue we face today. | Meat consumption is unsustainable for a growing population and deeply connected to lack of good food and nutritionin certain communities.


Animal products have a well documented connection to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental illnesses and pretty much all other diseases. | Millions if not billions of animals are killed each year to satisfy our appetite for meat after a life of being forced to have sex to produce milk and eggs | Meat and dairy are classified as carcinogens. Those who work in meat production both in slaughterhouses, factories and kitchens are harmed the most by the industry. They are often very poor,undocumented, or otherwise held back from speaking up about severely harmful working conditions. | Let you food choices speak for animals. Let your food choices speak for fair labor practices. Let your food choices support mental and physical health for everyone. It doesn't have to be all or nothing ! We can all do something !