Meditation has been a wonderful tool for my peace of mind, self-esteem and belief in my ability to create change. Here are 3 tips if you’re not sure where to start! Hope it helps you xo ✨


1️⃣DITCH THE RULES. You don’t have to sit on a cushion in a silk-lined, incense infused tranquility den to meditate! You can meditate in any position, any place, for any amount of time. You can do it in silence or with music. You can light incense or candles or both or neither. You can listen to a guided meditation or to your own breath. You can have your dog around to help you 🐶 If you have no idea where to start, just find a quiet place to sit. Inhale for 3 counts, then exhale for 3 counts. Repeat 5-10 times + you just meditated! The most important part is that you are taking time to be still + tune into you inner world. 

2️⃣EXPECT TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE. Meditation is a tool to clear through the stress + noise of everyday life, but before you get to the peace you have to sit with your thoughts and this can be very confronting. You may find that as soon as you sit still your mind conjures up 10 millions things to do or reminds you of an unresolved conflict from years past. You don’t have to fix your problems in one sitting - just notice what comes up. You may also get physically uncomfortable. Instead of fidgeting or scratching every itch, try staying in this discomfort. I’m amazed every time I sit down and instantly have an itch, but if I let it be and focus on my breath I forget about it quite quickly! Mind-body connection is powerful! 

3️⃣SET A STOPWATCH, NOT A TIMER. This is a tip I heard and it really resonated. When you set a timer, your mind goes to “how long til I’m done.” Setting a stopwatch gives you the space to stay in your meditation practice as long as it serves you. I’m often surprised at how quickly 10 or even 20 minutes goes by. (You can also just skip timing it altogether)