After 10 years of eating plant-based and studying nutrition, I have been amazed at the countless benefits of eating a mostly or all plant diet. From disease prevention to better sleep to glowing skin, there's so much to love about eating plants- but I know making it happen is the hardest part. Through many years of trial and error, I have learned so much about healthy eating and it's my passion to show others how simple and doable eating well can be!

When we work together, I'll show you how to plan, shop, and cook a variety of vibrant plant-based dishes so that food becomes an exciting + enjoyable part of your life. While you may have struggled with food as long as you can remember, I'll show you how food is a powerful asset for transforming all areas of your life.   

Send me a message to take the first step towards feeling your best. 


As a client you can expect to learn about: 

  • How to shop and cook healthy food on a budget

  • What foods are healthiest & how to figure out the right foods for you

  • How all areas of your life connect to your health

  • How to release anxiety surrounding food, body image & life in general

  • How to stop cycles of bad behavior and instead feel balanced

  • How to feel alive in and connected to your body



"I found Mariah during a you could say "rough patch" in my life. I was living far from my home and family and I felt alone and a bit lost. I was "eating" my feelings and couldn't find any balance in my daily routine no matter how hard I tried. My sessions with Mariah helped me so much. She was so easy to confide in and her empathy and advice helped me so much in rediscovering what really mattered for me. I stopped being so hard on myself and start focusing on a real and healthy healing process. Forever grateful." Cinthia Zúñiga

   “I have benefitted greatly from working with Mariah. My diet and fitness were in desperate need of repair when I met Mariah. Without judgment Mariah sat down with me and started giving me small but important things I could easily do to gradually change my eating habits and my fitness routine. I have been so impressed with Mariah’s approach, her intelligence and her passion for what she does. Mariah cares about her clientele and she believes in the lifestyle she advocates for them. Mariah also makes it fun and her perspective is one of kindness and compassion. To this day I try to put as many different colors in my salad in terms of adding different fruits and vegetables which came at Mariah’s suggestion. Mariah lives her practice and you could hardly ask for anything more in a coach.” Frank Hart